All these words are thoughts that are coming from my mind, and I am laying them out to explain something through concepts. Every word and… Read More »Concepts


”I want more”, the path of desire. The path where there’s always something better and bigger. The path where the sense of lack is the… Read More »Desire


Here we are, somewhere, sitting, walking, running, driving. Always going, but are we actually going anywhere? What is happening? I can go to a store,… Read More »Space


Time, what is it? It passes every moment. Whatever I do I can’t make it stop. I can’t buy or sell it. I can’t see… Read More »Time


Energy, its all around us. Wherever you look, there it is again. Can’t escape it, because you are it. Every breath and every movement is… Read More »Energy


A laughing baby, a blooming flower or a mind blowing painting. Oh Beauty. But what beauty really is? Why some things make us feel it,… Read More »Beauty


Life, ohh what a life. What a sight to behold, what an experience to witness. To figure out this magical world and see what’s true.… Read More »Thoughts