What then?

1. Hi! Long time no see. How are you?

2. Oh hi! I’m doing great, how about you?

1. I am doing wonderfully! Just made our next deal in our software company which will make us millions. What are you doing now days?

2. I’m a gardener. Lots of raking, watering and taking care of the plants. I don’t make much money, but I love my job. On my free time I like to spend time with my friends.

1. Ok, you do those kinds of things. I recommend you invest that little money you earn and use it to buy some land so you can make more money. You can also buy some stocks, because they will increase their value over time. Once you put a lot of effort into something like this, you can one day be a millionaire and retire much sooner!

2. And what am I supposed to do when I retire?

1. Aahha! You can do gardening and spend time with your friends.

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