What can I say for certain?

What can I say for certain? Years ago there were a lot of things I thought I knew, but now I see them as false, untrue information. For example, If I see a tree, I can say it is a tree, but I don’t really know what it is. You could say it’s made from atoms, which are made of quarks, but we don’t know what quarks are made up of. And if we figure that out, we can always go smaller to infinity. This logic goes to everything I see around me, even my skin and bones. I can’t say for certain what they are. And if somebody claim to know something objectively, it’s a belief and truth is not based on belief.

Somebody might say. ’’1+1=2 and that’s a fact!’’ But did he consider that this whole thing might be a one thing? If this whole thing is one thing, there can’t be something that’s two.

Then he might say ‘’Thats complete bullshit’’ And he has the right to say that. He came to this conclusion by using thought, but is thought the whole truth? Can we say that what we think is true, is really the truth? No. A Thought can never be the whole truth. Neither can a feeling or any sense perception.

If you believe in something, you discard all the rest. Can truth be something that discards? No. Truth is everything.

If I can’t say for certain that my senses, thoughts and feeling are the whole truth, then what is beyond those?

Existence. Can I say for certain that I exist? Yes. No matter where I am or what I experience, I exist. Experience proves that I exist. There can’t be any experience without existence.

Then somebody might say ‘’but what if this is a video game? What if the thought of existence is just a code in a program?’’

If this is a video game, I do exist in that game. And my reality is the same as the creators. No matter if this is the 1504th generation where Ai built another Ai inside of itself, it is still the same one true reality.

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