Life, ohh what a life. What a sight to behold, what an experience to witness. To figure out this magical world and see what’s true.

What is this? That’s the question, the first question. Is there an answer? Can this be understood?

Yes. Knowledge is everywhere around you, understanding is right in front of you. Peace and love are here, so is darkness and light, pain and pleasure, happiness and sadness, life and death.

No other, just this. Empty and full, everything and nothing, one point that reflects All.

Energy is everywhere. Rocks, water, clouds, grass, leaves, wind, air, animals. Everything comes from the same source, same energy, same life. It animates the world.

These words are that energy, without it, these would never come to be. Thoughts, feelings and sensations, would never come to be.

Anything contain everything, because anything is part of everything, and everything is one. So, the real journey is not to go out there, it’s to figure out what’s here.

Because anything is everything, anything can show you everything. Even this random word ‘’Samacad’’ can show you who you are, because it’s not about the word, it’s about you. That word is not everything, but it’s not separate from everything.

Who is perceiving the word? What is truly perceived? What can you say for certain?

You are seeing the word. But is seeing everything? No, I am only seeing a certain spectrum of light, therefore truth is beyond seeing, beyond senses, thoughts and feelings.

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