The path of least resistance

The path of least resistance, what is it really?

I’m sure for some, it sounds like the lazy man’s way through life. The path where you avoid any resistance that comes your way. The path of avoidance. But really, it’s anything but that.

I could categories resistance in two ways. Mental and spiritual resistance.

Mental resistance is avoiding anything new, it doesn’t want to push, because there is the possibility of failure and pushing your limit requires effort. It doesn’t matter if it’s physical activity, writing, working or studying. There is usually some degree of mental resistance. You know what you need to do, but you keep procrastinating and delaying the inevitable. Our ego tries to keep us in control by holding on to the things we already know, to the past. It’s reminding us of who we were and avoids thinking who we could become, because that would mean the loss of control for the ego. It really is the biggest battlefield of our lives. But once you realize this dilemma and you are willing to start letting go of everything, the path of spiritual resistance comes to the forefront.

Spiritual resistance is avoiding anything that is trying to derail you from the path. The possibility of failure and pushing your limits becomes the norm. You realize that there is no failure, just learning. And pushing your limits is the way to break the chains of your imaginary prison. You see all your desires like alcohol, drugs, games, movies, sex and money. You have tried them all and realized that they give you pleasure for a while, but they are never enough. You always want more. Once your dissatisfaction for a short fix becomes too great, you no longer look for a short relief, you need a permanent fix. You start to let go of everything that you can’t build up on. For example, you can’t drink alcohol and expect to get the next ultimate level of drunkenness every time you drink to feel better than ever, but you can write, make art or meditate to infinity. You start to resist anything that is limiting your perspective and always going toward limitlessness. Once you do this, the path start to reveal itself.

If the path is guiding you towards becoming a movie director, which is one of the most stressful and time consuming jobs there is, you do it, because there is no other choice. If you decide to cancel because of fear, you will feel absolutely disgusted with yourself, because everything had clearly been guiding you towards that career and now you are deciding to push it all away. But you can’t deny the truth forever. Once you see the path clearly, the resistance starts to fade away.

To conclude, mental resistance is resisting anything new, spiritual resistance is resisting anything old.

There is always that next step.

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