Here we are, somewhere, sitting, walking, running, driving. Always going, but are we actually going anywhere? What is happening?

I can go to a store, pick my groceries and come back. Or that’s what went trough my filter of senses. I felt my body walking, touched that chocolate bar and heard a lot of people. It really felt that I was going from one place to another.

When I went there, what I really saw was light and shadow, because without shadow there wouldn’t be anything to see, no contrast, no opposite, no polarity. I heard different frequencies of sound and smelled different fragrancies. The experience was changing all the time, or that’s what my ego was telling me when information went through the filter of judgement. ‘’This is a new place’’ I told myself.

But if reality is infinite and change is constant, is there something called new? If everything is the same energy, can there be anything that just comes out of nowhere as ‘’new’’.

It seems to me, that there is no new or old, there is just change. You are still the same, the observer of thoughts, feelings and sensation. You can think you are those things, but you are also the observe of them. Whatever happens, you are observing what’s happening from the same place. And without a filter of judgement the concept of space disappears.

Universe is like the nervous system of God. Every galaxy, planet, tree, human, water molecule and atom is part of it. All coming from the same source.

Of course, we are in a place, separate individuals going somewhere. But that somewhere, is still that same nervous system, same energy, same source.

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