Heaven and Earth vs Energy and Matter

I would like to start by saying that I don’t hold all the answers. Like all of us, I am still figuring things out and will do so until the end of my days. If I claimed I knew everything, I would have elevated my subjective intellect to the status of God, which of course, it’s not. Let’s begin.

In biblical worldview there is heaven and earth, and in materialistic worldview there is energy and matter.

Heaven is the highest ideal you can conceive of, or in other words meaning. And earth is the meaningless matter you see all around you. Therefore, it’s goal is to elevate earth towards meaning and lower meaning towards earth. This simply means, bring your highest ideal to reality, which is delivered by God.

In materialistic worldview energy is the power that animates the universe and matter is the thing being animated. Therefore, it’s goal is to investigate how this animation works and what it is made out of.

In other words, scientists are trying to explain how this emoji “:D” was made, and biblical worldview tries to explain what it means.

The basis of how science works is first principles like “knowledge is derived from observation and experimentation.”

The basis of biblical worldview is the very process of scientific knowledge and discovery. What I mean by this is this: God said: “I am what I am”, or “I shall be what I shall be” or I am in earth what I am in heaven. This is the “first principle” of biblical worldview. By observing your conscience after experimentation in the world, you start to align heaven with earth and learn the moral law of God.

Science has in many cases outsourced conscience. For example, some scientist might suffer from severe anxiety, but he continues to work, because it’s his Job. Or the main purpose for work is to make money and not to bring the highest ideal to existence.

So, if your ideal is to make a theory from observable facts, which is science, then you are combining heaven with earth.

But if you do it for some other reason, like fame and money, you are not combining heaven with earth, because if your ideal is money, then money is your God.

In a nutshell, in biblical worldview we are the mediators between heaven and earth with conscience as our guide. And in materialistic worldview we are the mediators between theory and fact. Science attempts to combine theory derived from the earth or “fact” by observation in order to extract knowledge and raise the world little closer towards the ideal.

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