Energy, its all around us. Wherever you look, there it is again. Can’t escape it, because you are it. Every breath and every movement is part of it. We use it for thinking, feeling, sensing and for everything one could think of.

Life is energy and energy is change. So, when we die, do we really go anywhere, or do we stay as energy?

When we die, there will be change, like right now there is change. Heart is pumping, eyes are blinking, and thoughts are moving. Never stationary, always in motion.

We decompose and transfer our energy to animals and plants. Cycle continues like it always has. We continue like we always have.

Always taking that next step, and there is only that, the next step. You can try to stop, but even stopping is a step.

Energy doesn’t take sides or look for opinions or rules. It flows freely and follows the path of least resistance. Always trying to find balance.

When a waterdrop hits water, it creates waves, and after a while its back to being calm, it has found balance.

Just like the waterdrop, we are trying to find balance. Trying this and that to find our way. Going away from something, towards something.

Life shows you the way. Eating=positive, not eating=negative and so on.

So, the question is, what are you going away from and what are you going towards?

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