”I want more”, the path of desire. The path where there’s always something better and bigger. The path where the sense of lack is the driving force. Always wanting something you don’t already have.

The path of desire is like a cup with a hole in it, no matter how much you fill it, it will always have to be filled again. If you fill it too fast, it will spill and leave you with less then you started.

People do a lot of things that drain there supplie of happiness. Drugs like amphetamine, increase happiness temporary and afterward you feel awful, because the demand drained the supply, and it needs time to fill back up again. Most can’t wait for that slow climb back up, so they try to get some more from the supply they don’t have, which leads to enormous unbalance.

This is the extreme, but the mechanism is the same with all desires. What comes up, must come down. It’s a cycle. When an athlete finishes seasons main event, he is often left feeling empty. And after a big dose of caffeine, you will have a caffeine crash, also known as dopamine crash.

When these crashes of dopamine happen, our sense of lack kick in, and so does desire, because they are the same thing. When you desire, you want something you don’t already have.

Of course, after the desire is satisfied there is a short period of satisfaction until another desire arises. But after a while the satisfaction might be replaced with a feeling of guilt, because deep down you know this is not the way you are supposed to be living. You might abandon that desire and find a new one until the same thing happens, and it happens again and again and again. Chocolate, hamburgers, porn, games, shopping, cigarette etc. A lot of things to choose from. Some desires come and go while others stick for a long time.

So, we have two options, continue filling the cup that has a hole in it, or drawing the line. Saying to yourself ‘’I have had enough of this shit!’’ and letting go of desire. Seeing the cup as it is. Giving yourself to a higher power or God. When you see that ego’s limited perspective is not all there is, you start to let go of it, and see what’s on the other side. You give the cup and say, ‘’here, take and deal with this, because clearly, this is not the way, so show me the way’’.

Moon circles around the earth, it doesn’t need to think what to do next, it just follows gravity and goes through the path of least resistance. Just like the moon, you can stop going against the current. When ego is pursuing the path of desire, its like to moon trying to push away from its orbit and just wasting energy.

This ego tends to want to decide for itself. Like a child not listening to his parent and doing what he wants. In time, he will realise that this limited perspective and doing what he thinks he wants is clearly not working, and maybe his parents were right. And his parents or ‘’the parent’’ will always be waiting for him, because they are one and can’t be separated.

Ego’s effort to understand totality by breaking it down will sooner or later come to an end, because it can’t be done.

So, to conclude, When the sense of desire disappears, the sense of lack goes with it.

And what remains, is a full cup.

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