A laughing baby, a blooming flower or a mind blowing painting. Oh Beauty.

But what beauty really is? Why some things make us feel it, and others don’t?

All of us are searching for beauty. We can find it through our five senses. Smell of a flower, taste of a strawberry, sight of nature, touch of another human, sound of music. All these things make us feel, and they are found from this material world.

But is there beauty beyond that? Beauty that can’t be seen, only known. Beauty that can’t be touched, only experienced. Seeing beauty for what it is, and were it found its source.

Is beauty really restricted to specific things that you sense outside of yourself? Or is it something you find within?

There’s beauty outside of yourself, but is there really an outside? Where’s the barrier? Someone could say ‘’my body is the barrier’’, But can you show, that you are separate from this reality?

No. You are this reality, there is nothing else. When you meet a person, you meet him through you, when you touch a leaf, you touch it through you. Everything goes through a filter we call you.

‘’This is a leaf, potato, house, road, human, sky, earth, me, you’’ and so on. A lot of symbols to categorize this experience. There is nothing wrong with it, it’s just part of the journey.

The journey to see what is, and what isn’t.

And that what is, is the real beauty.

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